October 4, 2022
Large-Scale Spam Campaigns Continue to Target Google Services

Google isn’t Winning the War Against Spam Campaigns Targeting its Many Services

Google’s many services continue to be the target of spam campaigns, even though the tech giant promised to end the schemes in January 2019…

Over the past few weeks, a large wave of spam has been hitting Google’s services, including Drive, Calendar, Photos, and of course, Gmail. Many people have noticed the uptick, either experiencing it in Gmail or phone notifications. These come from unknown email addresses that mention potential victims in a document or another form. As usual with spam/scam campaigns, a link is included, along with a short call-to-action.

Large-Scale Spam Campaigns Continue to Target Google Services

Phishing spam certainly isn’t new. But, it’s been problematic for Google users because anyone with other people’s email addresses can invite them to an event or share files without needing prior approval. This means if someone’s email address is public or was leaked (say, from a third-party service that allows users to sign in with their Google credentials who experienced a data breach), then those email addresses are fair game for threat actors.

Although Gmail does a really good job of identifying spam and redirecting it into its Spam folder, other Google services don’t have these protections. That means spammers can (and do) target Drive, Calendar, Photos, and more. Perhaps Google will add such functionality in the future. Otherwise, its users will continue to suffer the spam onslaught.

Google Drive spam
Credit: Android Police

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