September 26, 2021
Firefox Preview for Android

The Newest Firefox Preview for Android Arrives with 2x the Speed

The most recent Firefox Preview for Android hits the web with two-times the speed and its ongoing commitment to privacy…

Mozilla has announced its release of the latest Firefox Preview for Android. And, it comes with a focus on speed, organization, and privacy.

Latest Android Firefox Preview Boasts Double the Speed

The newest version is appropriately named “Firefox Preview,” boasts twice the speed as previous releases. It also comes with an improved interface, along with a workflow stand to help boost productivity.

“At Firefox, we’re passionate about providing solutions for people who care about safety, privacy and independence. For several months, we’ve been working on a new strategy for our Android products to serve you even better. Today we’re very happy to announce a pilot of our new browser for Android devices that is available to early adopters for testing as of now. We’ll have a feature-rich, polished version of this flagship application available for this fall.”

Mozilla also recommits to its privacy stance, which it lead in front of other browsers, including Chrome and others:

“Unlike Big Tech, which only recently started to put more emphasis on privacy, we launched Firefox Focus about two and a half years ago, a mobile browser for iOS and Android that allows you to discover the web without being followed around by trackers.”

Read more about the new Firefox Preview for Android here.

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