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Apple Recently Rolled Out an Update to Safari and It’s Breaking Third-Party Web Apps

Latest Apple Safari Update Breaks IndexedDB JavaScript API Web Apps

Credit: CNET

Apple’s Safari web browser received an update recently and it’s causing problems with web apps running on the IndexedDB JavaScript API…

Apple Safari doesn’t have a large web browser market share. But, it’s currently the second-most used, with 18.43%, which is a just over a quarter of Google Chrome, with a market share of 64.73% across the globe. Regardless, Safari remains competitive among its rivals, outperforming Microsoft Edge’s 3.37% market share, Firefox’s 3.36%, and Samsung’s 3.24%. So, it’s critical Apple keeps it fast, safe, and user-friendly, However, the latest update is wreaking havoc with third-party web apps.

Latest Apple Safari Update Breaks IndexedDB JavaScript API Web Apps

The most recent version of Safari is breaking third-party web apps that rely on the IndexedDB JavaScript API. This is true for versions 14.1.1 (for macOS) and 11.4 (iOS 14.6.). This might not be a big deal if Apple didn’t demand storage APIs run on either IndexedDB Java Script API or on Cache Storage API. In other words, it’s Apple’s strict adherence to it’s own standards (which it also outright requires) of third-party products.

Developers are frustrated by the bug and Apple hasn’t publicly addressed the issue or released a fix for the problems. Although, the bugs shouldn’t persist for much longer as Apple will certainly need to right what’s wrong.

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