October 23, 2021
Latest Gboard App Update is Crashing Some Android Devices

Most Recent Gboard Update Causing some Android Devices to Crash

The newest Gboard update release is triggering crashes on some Android devices, even causing some people to be locked out of their handhelds…

Threads across the Google support forums, Reddit, and Twitter alike are being inundated with complaints about the latest Gboard update. It’s not about a radical new keyboard layout or some weird change in functionality, but rather, seems to cause devices to suddenly crash. 

Latest Gboard App Update is Crashing Some Android Devices

Google’s popular keyboard app is most definitely full of function but it’s apparently causing something to go awry. First released early today, the update is now available on the Google Play Store.

However, the underlying cause of the issue is unclear at this time. And, the problem isn’t widespread, it’s only happening to some Android devices. Although, Motorola phones have been mentioned quite a bit by affected users.

Some people have reported being unable to access the keyboard at all, preventing them from unlocking their devices.

Fortunately, there seems to be a quick fix. Just go into the Gboard Settings and clear out the storage and cache. (Settings > Apps > Gboard > Clear Data and Cache.) Or, install another keyboard app, restart the device, and choose the new keyboard as the default.

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