December 9, 2021
Google Android Messages app redesign

Google Released a New Version of Android Messages then Suddenly Yanked it Away

A fresh Google Android Messages app redesign hit last week, only to disappear and revert back to the old experience a day later…

This past Thursday, a new version of Android Messages began to roll out. The revamped UI or user interface, included removing the blue bar at the top and a switch over to the Google Sans font. Additionally, it introduced a dark mode as an alternative to the heavily white look. But, that all came to an end on Friday.

Latest Google Android Messages App Redesign Reversed

However, the changes didn’t last long. Users took to Reddit to report the app reverting to the old UX or user experience, regardless if updated to the most recent version. Meaning who ever installed the latest build now see the old platform. This, thanks to a server-side switch, which gives Google the ability to reverse the changes at any time. (Those who received or installed the update can check their devices to confirm the new interface is gone.)

Some users complained they could no longer opt to change chat bubble colors for different contacts. However, it’s unlikely the search giant would roll back the changes over such a small issue. 

Currently, there’s no official word why the tech company pulled the plug. It might have to due with buggy performance of the dark theme. Or, it simply went out before Google intended it to launch.