November 3, 2022
Netflix US price increase

Netflix Begins Telling its Subscribers to Expect its Previously Announced Price Increase in May

The most recent Netflix US price increase, announced back in January for US subscribers, will take effect this coming May…

Back in January, Netflix announced it would implement new pricing for its subscription tiers. The price increase would apply to the United States and to Latin American companies — where it charges US dollars. 

Latest Netflix US Price Increases taking Effect in May

The price increases have already started to roll out over the past few months. Plus, anyone who signed up since the announcement are also paying the higher prices. Now, Netflix is sending out messages, giving its subscribers the heads-ups:

“We hope you have been enjoying your Netflix membership. We are writing to let you know about any upcoming change.

Your monthly price is increasing to $15.99 on Friday, May 3rd 2019. Why? We’re hard at work improving Netflix so that you can have even more great TV shows and movies to enjoy.”

The basic plan will increase from $8 to $9, while the standard package (which offers HD streaming simultaneously on two separate devices) will go from $11 to $13. The premium plan, which offers UHD streaming on up to four devices at once, will now cost $16, up from $14.

Netflix spent $12 billion on content in last year and estimates forecast the company to spend $15 billion this year.

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