June 15, 2021
Snapchat redesign

Snapchat Starts Releasing Its Redesign Do-Over

The latest Snapchat redesign is now arriving on iOS, with Android to follow, fixing the many problems caused by its erroneous overhaul last year…

Snapchat users have long lamented its interface as hard-to-use. (For new users, it’s also difficult to understand how it actually works.) Due to these experiences, Snapchat underwent a major overhaul late last year. And, it didn’t go over very well.

In fact, the Snapchat redesign fail is largely due to the platform cramming Stories between private messages. But, that certainly isn’t the only objection users voiced. At the time, 83 percent of reviews were negative. If that wasn’t enough, users also didn’t care for the way the new Stories viewing format worked. In the last redesign, it’s wasn’t possible to auto-advance from one story to another. Instead, users had to tap a preview to view the next story.

Latest Snapchat Redesign Fix begins Rolling Out

Now, the company is releasing a new version of the app after 1.2 million people signed a petition to revert the app back its flawed but original design. The fix put the Snaps and Chats back in chronological order. It also repositions Stories to the upper right again. When users open the app, it launches the camera. Users can then swipe left to find friends’ content.

The last revamp didn’t work. In fact, even though the app’s global user base increased, it made less money per person. The newest version of the Snapchat app is now becoming available to “the majority” of iOS users. But, there’s no official word on when it will roll out to Android at this time.