May 22, 2022
Latest Telegram Beta Adds Group Read Receipts

Telegram’s Most Recent Beta includes Group Read Receipts so People Can’t Keep Ghosting their Friends

Telegram’s newest beta version brings group read receipt confirmations to the platform, so people can’t pretend they didn’t see the messages…

Telegram is one of the best tools for setting up group plans. Whether it’s deciding on a restaurant, picking a movie to see, or making arrangements for an entire weekend, this is a valuable resource. But, there are times when it’s necessary to know who has and who hasn’t see a specific message in a group. Facebook’s Messenger already supports such a function, but it’s something Telegram lacks. Until now.

Latest Telegram Beta Adds Group Read Receipts

Telegram is testing group read receipts in its latest beta release. Currently, it only works with up to fifty recipients. (Though that’s probably more than enough for almost every situation.) Plus, it works on Android and desktop, too. On the web, simply right-clicking a message will reveal if the recipient saw it or not. On Android, long-pressing a message will bring up a menu that reveals if a message has or hasn’t been read.

As with just about any new feature, there are bound to be people who welcome it and those who really don’t like it. And, it doesn’t appear there’s any way to turn it off in the settings. Although, that could eventually be added at some point.

Telegram testing new group read receipts
Credit: RationalityOn

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