October 23, 2021
Twitter camera update

Twitter Seemingly Demotes Text in Favor of Images and Video in Latest Camera Update

The most recent Twitter camera update ostensibly places more importance on images and videos, with text pushed down, reminiscent of rival Instagram…

Twitter has rolled out an update to its camera tool which places greater emphasis on images and videos over text. It’s a bit out of left-field, given the fact it’s a microblog platform. And, it definitely sends a message the site wants users to upload more visual media.

Latest Twitter Camera Update Places Images and Video at the Forefront

The latest Twitter camera update brings a new gesture. Swipe left over the timeline to launch the camera. This action lets users to capture a shot or record a looping video up to two minutes in length.

Users can also opt to start a live stream by hitting a “live” button. Oddly, the new Twitter camera update does not include an option to upload pics and videos previously taken. It’s only for on-the-fly moments.

It clearly promotes live content. And, that does make sense, given Twitter acquired live-streaming app Periscope back in 2015. Since that time, the social site has incrementally integrated more of Periscope’s features into the flagship Twitter app.

It’s likewise more akin to the Stories format, which is what makes rival Instagram so very popular. Additionally, Twitter insiders have maintained the camera isn’t a priority because few people use it. This is one solid indication the company wants to change that.

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