November 6, 2022
Windows 10 Insider build

The Next Iteration of Windows 10 will Eat Up another 7GB of Disk Space for Future Updates

The coming Windows 10 Insider build will take-up as much as 7GB of disk space to ensure later updates have enough room to run…

Get ready to surrender even more space for the upcoming version of Windows 10. The next update, number 18312, brings with it a new feature that reserves a huge amount of disk space. With it, the size will grow by another 7GB.

Latest Windows 10 Insider Build Requires 7GB More Disk Space

The reason for hogging so much space is to ensure particular critical operations — most notably, installing feature updates — have enough space. Windows demands such large amounts of disk space.

Of course, it’s for this very reason, so many people experience problems updating to the latest version of Windows. Since it requires so much space, which becomes increasingly sparse, with every update.

The precise amount of necessary extra space will really depend on optional features and language packs. However, approximately 7GB will indeed be typical among users.

That’s no small footprint, even for modern machines. But, it’s enough to nearly or outright deplete older models. When the Windows 10 October fall update rolled out, it notoriously deleted files. This lead to the software company suspending the release to issue a fix.

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