September 20, 2022
Newest Windows 10 Update Forcibly Installs Microsoft Edge Browser

Latest Windows 10 Update includes This Unwanted Surprise

The most recent update for Windows 10 forcibly installs one of it s most controversial features and there’s no easy way to avoid it…

Microsoft is now pushing out its most up-to-date version of Windows 10. Unfortunately, the operating system package comes with something many people don’t like — Microsoft Edge. Instead of being an optional add-on, the unpopular browser is inextricably embedded in the software release. Because of its intractable replacement, this is definitely a purposeful and conscientious move on Microsoft’s part.

Newest Windows 10 Update Forcibly Installs Microsoft Edge Browser

The download is labeled in Windows Update as, “2020-08 Microsoft Edge Update for Windows 10 version 2004 (KB4576754).” So, it is very clear that it is part and parcel of the programming package. In fact, if this update doesn’t hit a machine, there’s another coming right along side it that will also forcibly install Microsoft Edge, complete with a pin on the taskbar and a desktop shortcut.

While it is possible to manually uninstall the browser, it involves going through command line functions, which is something the average consumer should definitely not do. Only people with experience in software development could remove it from there systems. Microsoft has obviously done this intentionally, in order to coerce people into using its latest web browser.

Microsoft released its chromium-powered edge browser only a short time ago. Currently, it ranks third in market share, although that’s not very impressive purely by the numbers. Google chrome dominates with just over 69 percent, while Firefox takes second at 7.72 percent, and Edge rounds out the top three at 7.23 percent.

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