October 1, 2022
Law Enforcement Warning Consumers about 'Package Pending' Text Scam

New ‘Smishing’ Scam Tricking People into Giving Up Personal Bank Account Information

Law enforcement agencies around the country are warning consumers about the dangers of devious new ‘smishing’ text message scam…

There’s a new scheme to defraud going around. This time, it involves “smishing” or a SMS phishing trick. Cycbercriminals send phony but legitimate-looking messages that require recipients to click on a malicious link and/or provide personal data. The hook centers around a “package pending” ploy. Usually, the communication contains the recipient’s name, making it appear genuine.

Law Enforcement Warning Consumers about ‘Package Pending’ Text Scam

The new smishing con can easily result in suffering from identity theft. It also poses the very real possibility of having a bank account emptied. At minimum, unintentionally installing malware on phones. Basically, it alerts potential victims to an undelivered package. Of course, it requests recipients to disclose personal information in order to accept delivery. Or, it might direct recipients to click on a malicious link. Regardless, the goal is to steal sensitive data and use it for nefarious purposes.

Law enforcement agencies advise any recipients to ignore the messages and to refrain from clicking on any suspicious links. Additionally, not to provide any personal information whatsoever. It’s also advisable to report these numbers to wireless carriers and to block the numbers, as well.

smishing scam text message
Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Department

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