November 2, 2022
lawsuit alleges fake DirecTV subscribers

AT&T Accused of Falsifying Subscriber Numbers for DirecTV in Federal Lawsuit

A recently filed federal lawsuit against telecom AT&T claims the company falsified its DirecTV customer subscription count…

Although DirecTV claims about 22.9 million customers and has a massive reach, it continues to lose subscribers. In the last year alone, 2.5 million paying customers have left. Now, there’s more trouble for parent company AT&T, which faces a federal lawsuit.

Lawsuit against AT&T Alleges Faking DirecTV Subscriber Count

The legal action in question alleges the company leaned on its employees to create fake users and add numerous fake accounts to real customers’ phone numbers. 

“While AT&T and the Executive Defendants repeatedly touted the success of DirecTV Now, depicting it as a fast-growing product with strong margins and brisk subscriber growth, in truth, this apparent success was a complete mirage. Information provided by multiple former employees of AT&T and its affiliates from across the country collectively confirm a wide-ranging fraud, perpetrated at the highest levels of the Company.”

Furthermore, the lawsuit claims AT&T went so far as to signing up people who did not want the service. Fake emails were fabricated and customers were assured no charges would be due, even when they were owed.

Additionally, the suit states employees were instructed to “actively encouraged to convert activation fees.”AT&T denies the allegations and says it will fight the claims in court.

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