June 23, 2022
LG Pay to Shut Down November 1st 2021

LG is Shutting Down LG Pay on Monday, November 1st 2021

LG Pay will meet its ultimate end on Monday, November 1st of this year, which follows the company’s shutdown of its smartphone division…

LG Pay will meet the same fate as the manufacturer’s mobile phone division, effective on Monday, November 1st 2021. The corporation struggled to gain a viable market share in the smartphone market and attempted to sell off the business a few times. But, LG couldn’t offload its smartphone division, so it decided to shutter the operation. The same is about to happen to LG Pay.

LG Pay to Shut Down November 1st 2021

LG will close its smartphone manufacturing doors on July 31st. About three months thereafter, it will end its support for LG Pay, as well. Like competitor Samsung, LG Pay supported magnetic-based payments on supported hardware, which was a little unique. However, it never gained widespread popularity. And, the planned abandonment of its smartphone venture only helped to hasten its demise.

LG won’t just stop supporting LG Pay on November 1st. Like most tech companies, it will happen in phases. On June 1st, existing users won’t be able to purchase or add gift cards to their LG Pay accounts. Then, on August 1st, new sign-ups will be terminated. Later on November 1st, LG will disconnect all support altogether.

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