May 22, 2022
Instagram video tagging

Instagram is Now Testing a Video Tagging Option with a Small Percentage of Users

Instagram video tagging is a new tool that’s only accessible to a limited percentage of users, who are testing the feature for the platform…

Instagram has revealed it is testing a new video tagging option. Confirmed by TechCrunch, the tool works pretty much like one would imagine. The feature, long associated with photos, is now available to a limited number of users. And, it works much in the same way.

Limited Instagram Video Tagging Feature Test Confirmed

Test participants simply touch a button and land on a new page called “People in this Video.” The list includes the creator, along with everyone else who appears in the clip. Thus far, it’s not only limited to its user availability, it’s also restricted to mobile. Meaning, the new feature isn’t surfacing on desktop at this time.

Thus far, Instagram isn’t sharing very much about the tool. And, it has confirmed if it intends a larger roll out. Although, the company did write in-part, in a statement, “We’re always testing ways to improve the experience on Instagram and bring you closer to the people and things you love.”

Instagram video tagging screenshot
Credit: @cablegirlsrd / Instagram

Instagram first started offering image tagging back in 2013. Since that time, it’s also introduced tags for products, as well as applying them to Stories. Even though the social site also introduced video sharing five years ago, it’s not provided a way to tag people in the format.

Recently, the company added personalized emoji to comments. It’s also experimenting with adding music to Stories

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