September 11, 2021
LinkedIn Active Status

LinkedIn just Reminded its Members to Use an Annoying Feature with a Video

A video to promote the use of the LinkedIn Active Status tool is out, prompting users to look for the familiar yet unsettling green dot…

Remember when LinkedIn first debuted its Active Status indicator? Well, apparently not many people do as the professional networking site is reminding its members to use it. And, not merely in the form of a tweet. Rather, the Microsoft subsidiary actually created a video reminder to refresh people’s memories.

LinkedIn Active Status Reminder Video Released

Microsoft quietly added the feature to its professional networking platform back in August of last year. It’s turned on by default on both mobile and desktop. It seems not many members are actively using it so LinkedIn published a short blog post, which read, in-part:

“Knowing the right time to reach out is key, so make sure to check out if your connections are available and active on LinkedIn when sending a note. Simply look for the green status dot to see if your connection is online when you go to message them, as you scroll through your feed, or when you check out their profile.”

Since its debut, LinkedIn has also introduced GIFs on its messaging client, as well as voice messaging.

To see the video reminder, go here.