July 3, 2022
LinkedIn feed algorithm focuses on personalized content

LinkedIn has Changed it Algorithm to Focus More on Personalized Content in Users’ Feeds

The LinkedIn feed algorithm will now prioritize content which encourages more personalized interactions, rather than popular posts…

LinkedIn is about to change how its feed works, reprogramming it to surface content more apt to promote interactions.

Instead of displaying the most popular stuff, the professional networking site will bring up posts which are more interesting to users based on a number of personalized factors.

LinkedIn Algorithm Changed to Display more Personalized Content

The change to the LinkedIn feed algorithm is designed to get people to interact more. It uses the following signals to choose what to show its members: connections, previous direction interactions, current or former coworkers, along with shared interests and experiences.

Also, the networking site might display content from people who are unconnected. That is, if the post is relevant to their professional interests. LinkedIn will use groups, hashtags, and pages and people followed.

LinkedIn explains the changes like this:

“To summarize, your LinkedIn feed is made up of the conversations happening across your professional communities: among connections; in the groups you’ve joined; and the people, pages, and hashtags that you follow.”

It’s an effort to foster conversation among people with shared interests, similar work experiences, and more.

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