October 23, 2021
LinkedIn Algorithm Now Factors Dwell Time

LinkedIn is Now Factoring ‘Dwell Time’ into its News Feed Algorithm

The LinkedIn news feed algorithm now takes into account what the company calls ‘dwell time’ when ranking content to display…

Professional networking site LinkedIn is in the process of tweaking its news feed algorithm to factor in the amount of time people spend on each post. The Microsoft subsidiary announced the upcoming change on its official engineering blog, in a lengthy article.

LinkedIn Algorithm Now Factors ‘Dwell Time’

Right now, when a post goes live it passes through a number of quantifiers in order to determine how it will rank in the main feed. Basically, anything that gets reactions — and reads — will rank higher than content that does not generate reactions or get click-through actions.

But, since many people do not interact with posts and are passive in their consumption, that leaves a shortcoming in the algorithmic signals. So, LinkedIn is updating its computations. Here’s how Siddharth Dangi, Johnson Jia, Manas Somaiya, and Ying Xuan explain the meaning of dwell time:

“At a high level, each update viewed on the feed generates two types of dwell time. First, there is dwell time ‘on the feed,’ which starts measuring when at least half of a feed update is visible as a member scrolls through their feed.

Second, there is dwell time ‘after the click,’ which is the time spent on content after clicking on an update in the feed.”

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