LinkedIn Autoplay Video Ads Testing Begins on Mobile

LinkedIn autoplay video ads

LinkedIn autoplay video ads are now in testing on its mobile Android and iOS apps, to explore an increased source of revenue for the networking platform…

LinkedIn autoplay video ads are just the latest in a long line of other sites using the same format to increase revenues. The ads look like regular video posts but play without sound, unless clicked.

LinkedIn Autoplay Video Ads Testing Begins on Android, iOS

In August, parent company Microsoft began allowing members upload video to the networking site. Since that time, the company experienced more engagement. In fact, video posts receive 20 times more shares than other content. This makes videos the highest performer among all. And, because video advertising is more expensive than other formats, it’s no wonder why LinkedIn would introduce such a branding tool.

Just 18 percent of the platform’s revenue comes from ads, according to data from October of last year. But, this could prove a useful avenue to increase sales, in conjunction with selling membership subscriptions and advanced recruiting features. 

Presently, LinkedIn will sell video ads to a select marketer test group. Eventually, it will open the program to all advertisers. To create video ads, members can simply start a sponsored campaign. Video may come from their company page, campaign manager, or showcase pages.

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