August 3, 2022
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LinkedIn Community Hits 500 Million Members, Launches Matched Audiences Ad Retargeting Tool

The LinkedIn Community now counts 500 million members strong, up from 467 million in October, and the network rolls out Matched Audiences ad retargeting…

The LinkedIn community just swelled to 500 million members worldwide, an increase over its previous count of 467 in October of last year. However, it’s important to note, LinkedIn does not report its total monthly active users, like rivals Facebook and Twitter. For example, Twitter claims over 1.3 billion profiles but only has 319 million monthly active users or MAUs.

LinkedIn Community Reaches 500 Million Members, Introduces Matched Audiences Ad Retargeting Feature

Although the LinkedIn community now includes 500 million total members, some research suggests the platform only has about 250 million monthly active users, according to sources like TechCrunch. Furthermore, previous data indicated only approximately 25 percent of its members are regular users, which reduces the MAUs estimate to about 125 million.

The professional network also released charts detailing how and where the platform is most used:

LinkedIn Community insights
Credit: LinkedIn

In a separate announcement, the company introduced a new ad retargeting tool, called “Matched Audiences.” The tool contains three options for marketers to use in their campaigns: website retargeting, account retargeting, and contact retargeting.

Even though the feature is now in limited testing, LinkedIn states participants have experienced increases of more than 30 percent in Click Through Rate or CTR, across all three available options.

“Overall, Matched Audiences helps marketers close the gap to deliver true full-funnel marketing, leading to greater ROI. This new addition to the Marketing Solutions family allows you to reach your target audiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle — from awareness to lead generation to customer retention and win-back.”

At the beginning of the month, LinkedIn launched Sponsored Content lead generation forms

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