June 21, 2022
LinkedIn Confirms its Clubhouse Rival Version is Under Development

Of Course, LinkedIn is Making its Own Clubhouse Clone, because Why Not?

LinkedIn, which recently introduced video profiles and a new Creator mode, confirms it is also working on its own version of Clubhouse…

LinkedIn just rolled out new way to create video profiles, along with a new Creator mode. But, that’s not all the professional networking site is working on. The Microsoft-owned networking platform has confirmed it is developing its own version of Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio chat room — but only for iPhone users. (An Android version would presumably follow thereafter.)

LinkedIn Confirms its Clubhouse Rival Version is Under Development

LinkedIn, the world’s biggest online professional network builder, is working on an audio-based networking feature. The feature’s development is a result of its members seeking better ways to communicate on the platform. The company, founded in 2002, was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 for $26.2 billion. Currently, the site has approximately 722 million members.

Creator Mode is a tool to create short video profiles targeting recruiters and potential employers. In addition, enabling the Creator Mode would allow users to add hashtags to suggest the topics that they care about most. LinkedIn spokesperson Suzi Owens explains about the audio-only option, that the company is, “studying some early tests to create a unique audio experience connected to your personal identity.”

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