May 20, 2022
LinkedIn connections job referrals

LinkedIn Members can Now Ask for Job Referrals from their Own Connections

LinkedIn connections job referrals are now available on the professional online network, for users to find recommendations for open positions…

LinkedIn just debuted a new feature to help its members find their next employment opportunity. Simply head to the desktop site and start the job search. By filtering the search, a new “Ask for a referral” option appears. When clicked, LinkedIn serves up a list of connection that work within a company.

LinkedIn Connections Job Referrals Feature Rolls Out

The new LinkedIn connections job referrals tool works like one would imagine. It surfaces connections who work at organizations where there are posted job openings. Users are able to pick who they request a referral and who to pass over. Linked even provides a simple template which users can personalize, if desired.

The professional networking site already has a place to save career interests and displays possible matches. It also lists companies users are likely to be interested in, based on their profiles.

This latest addition is yet another step to make the platform more friendly to job seekers. Last month, a LinkedIn resume helper for Microsoft Word debuted. Back in November, the site launched a new Career Advice tool in select markets to hep its members find mentors.