December 1, 2020

LinkedIn Endorsements a Savvy Business Tool

LinkedIn_Logo.svgMountain View, California–LinkedIn, the social network for professional cyber relationships, might have more to offer than just a connection.

People who join the network connect with others in their industry and related fields as a means of networking and showcasing their skill set.

LinkedIn, a kind of opt-in “who’s who” list of professionals in practically every industry imaginable, is largely associated with publishing a career profile. But the platform also has some very useful tools to market one’s self.

LinkedIn Endorsements are one such resource. When users connect with each other, the option to endorse a connection’s skill set and experience becomes available to both users. It’s a kind of recommendation stating there’s value in a person and adds a complement to that person’s profile.

The point of using the tool is to bestow a type of accreditation. In return, the endorsed user usually reciprocates in-kind. Users can endorse up to five skills of another user and the person endorsed receives a notification in their LinkedIn account as well as an email notification.

Social media experts recommend using the tool in a natural way to build a relationship and network, not as a marketing blitz. Experts likewise caution not to endorse another user just to level a sale’s pitch.

LinkedIn was founded in 2003 in Santa Monica, California by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, and Jean-Luc Vaillant. The network currently has 200 million registered users and an annual revenue of $972 million. The company has nearly 3,200 employees and an Alexa rank of 14, making it one of the most visited sites on the internet.

LinkedIn went public in 2011, offering shares at $45 per. The site captures 21.4 million monthly unique in the United States and 47.6 million worldwide. Its platform is available in 17 languages.