October 19, 2020
LinkedIn Groups mobile

LinkedIn Killed a Standalone Groups UI and Now Plans to Bring the Feature Back to Its Flagship Mobile App

A new LinkedIn Groups mobile portal will soon arrive on the professional networking site’s flagship app, after it shut down a standalone for iOS…

Microsoft subsidiary LinkedIn plans to bring back Groups to mobile by integrating a section into its flagship app. The company previously released a standalone iOS Groups app. But, it sunset the experience back in February of this year.

LinkedIn Groups Mobile Experience coming to Its Flagship App

The new LinkedIn Groups mobile experience will reside right in its flagship app, the company stated when it killed off the standalone version:

“As one of our flagship products, LinkedIn is heavily invested in maintaining Groups and exploring ways to improve our member communities by fully merging Groups into the LinkedIn website and the main LinkedIn mobile iOS and Android apps.”

Linked is near finishing Groups feature for mobile, as it will roll out by the end of the month. The company just sent out an announcement to select Groups, detailing its plans to merge Groups with its flagship mobile UI, according to TechCrunch.

This version will contain more robust tools. For instance, it will support threaded replies, as well as give users the ability to post rich media, like video.

The move comes as the company discovered difficulty in maintaining a standalone Groups app. The main app grew as a result of slow updates, making the standalone less and less popular. With the integration of LinkedIn Groups mobile, users will now see community conversations in the main feed. Additionally, group activity will show up in notifications.