November 7, 2022
LinkedIn Members being Targeted by 'Golden Chicken' Trojan

This New LinkedIn Scam Fools Victims with Fake Job Offers but Actually Deploys Malware

LinkedIn is a gateway for the latest malware threat, known as “Golden Chicken,” that unleashes malicious code via phony job offers…

LinkedIn is again a vehicle for nefarious characters seeking new victims. The professional networking platform is warning its members about a group of scam artists called “Golden Chicken,” who are sending out fraudulent job offers in an effort to infect victims with a sophisticated backdoor Trojan. The criminals are backed by advanced threat cabals, such as FIN6, Cobalt Group, and Evilnum.

LinkedIn Members being Targeted by ‘Golden Chicken’ Trojan

The scam uses a familiar tactic in order to fool potential victims into opening malicious code by downloading a Zip file from an ostensibly legitimate job offer email. Once installed, the stealth Trojan deploys, which give the hackers unrestricted access to their victims’ computers. It can also contain ransomware, credential stealers, banking malware, or clandestine data theft.

What makes it even worse is that the malware is undetectable by most anti-virus programs. The news about this threat comes shortly after the personal data of around 500 million LinkedIn users was found being sold on a popular hacking forum. The information up for sale included LinkedIn IDs, full names, email addresses, phone numbers, genders, links to LinkedIn profiles, links to other social media profiles, and professional titles, and other work-related data.

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