December 4, 2021
LinkedIn outage

LinkedIn is Down in Most of Europe and the Eastern United States

LinkedIn is currently experiencing site issues, first becoming problematic at 5AM EST and spiking at 8AM EST, mostly impacting Europe and the eastern US…

LinkedIn, the professional networking site owned by Microsoft, is experiencing issues, primarily affecting Europe and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

LinkedIn Outage Occurs as Members Report Inaccessibility and Posting Issues

LinkedIn is partially down at this time, with members first reporting problems around 5PM EST yesterday. At approximately 5AM EST today, reports began coming into DownDetector and rising steeply for the next three hours.

LinkedIn outage map January 14th 2020
Credit: DownDetector

People are unable to access the network. And, those who can login can’t post to the website. Presently, 86 percent of reports on DownDetector indicate issues with the platform, while 13 percent report being unable to logon to the site.

LinkedIn outage reports January 14th 2020
Credit: DownDetector

Users state they’ve experienced message sending errors, inability to send invites, unable to post to groups, and more issues.

Linked outage user complaints January 14th 2020
Credit: DownDetector

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