July 3, 2022
LinkedIn Phishing Emails Grew by 232 Percent in February 2022

Beware: LinkedIn is a Hotbed of Phishing Attacks, Cybersecurity Experts Warn

LinkedIn is providing prime opportunities for cyber-criminals amidst the Great Resignation, according to digital security experts…

LinkedIn is well-known for its professional networking prowess. The Microsoft platform currently has approximately 66 million monthly active users. With so many people looking for and posting career opportunities, it’s no wonder cyber-thieves routinely target job-seekers. And, that nefarious activity is growing exponentially, according to cybersecurity experts at Egress. In fact, the recruitment platform experienced a huge spike just last month.

LinkedIn Phishing Emails Grew by 232 Percent in February 2022

Scammers are using LinkedIn email notifications to target unsuspecting job candidates through phishing campaigns. In February 2022 alone, the number of these schemes grew by an incredible 232% weaponizing boilerplate messages like “you’ve appeared in X searches this week,” and “your profile matches this job.” To make them more appetizing to potential victims, the phishing emails often mention high-profile companies, further motivating individuals into clicking on links.

Those links, of course, lead the victim to a website that looks identical to LinkedIn but submitting the credentials there only means the details of their identities end up in the hands of the crooks. The report from Egress warns:

“Individuals should take extreme caution when reading notification emails that request them to click on a hyperlink, particularly on mobile devices. We recommend hovering over links before clicking on them and going directly to LinkedIn to check for messages and updates.”

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