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LinkedIn Photo Editing Tools and Filters Come to the Network

LinkedIn photo editing tools

New LinkedIn photo editing tools and filters are now on the professional networking site, to better enhance user profiles for improved performance results…

LinkedIn added some new profile photo editing tools and filters. These are quite important, because accounts with profile images result in as much as 21x more views and 9x more connection requests, according to network internal data.

LinkedIn Photo Editing Tools and Filters Debut

The company states these new profile editing tools and filters will fill a shortfall long existing. LinkedIn explains not every member can get professional photos for their profile so this provides a quick and easy way to improve images.

“To give you a quick and easy way to enhance and crop your existing photos – yes, even a selfie or group photo – we’ve added photo editing in our mobile app. There are now six photo filters available, and you can also crop and edit the brightness, contrast, saturation and vignette of your LinkedIn profile photo,” the company wrote on its blog.

These tools include six image filters, cropping, brightness editing, contrast editing, as well as saturation and vignette options. 

The new LinkedIn photo editing tools and filters are presently only available on the company’s mobile app and not desktop. It’s unknown if the network will add these features to its desktop site.

LinkedIn brought back saved searches to desktop and added new user content controls a few weeks ago.

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