January 25, 2022
LinkedIn Post Poll Option Under Development

LinkedIn is Apparently Working on a Way to Add a Poll to Posts

Microsoft is developing a new poll option for LinkedIn posts, allowing members to include the measurement tool in their content…

Super-intuitive software sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has done it again. This time, she’s spotted a new feature for LinkedIn posts that lets people add polls to their content. Although it’s a simple addition, it’s one that will probably get quite a bit of use on the professional networking platform.

LinkedIn Post Poll Option Under Development

According to the screenshot captured and shared by Wong, LinkedIn polls will work a lot like those on Twitter. Members can create a simple sampling tool that appears to accommodate up to four possible responses. However, one notable difference is that LinkedIn polls can last as long as two weeks, while those on Twitter are limited to seven days.

This also differs from some other social sites. For instance, Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, both have a polling option. But, those included in shared in the Stories format last just 24 hours and then disappear.

At this time, LinkedIn has not formally announced this feature or when it might be fully released. But, the company has quietly published a number of help pages about how to use polls on its site.

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