October 5, 2022
LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn to Overhaul its Recruitment Platform

LinkedIn Recruiter is getting a really big time makeover to greatly improve its functionality and to increase its monetization efforts…

Anyone who uses LinkedIn Recruiter knows that it’s at-best, a fragmented experience. Although the company has successfully built out its monetization system, other areas aren’t exactly getting the same treatment.

LinkedIn Recruiter Rebuild Announced

The platform currently exists in three sections: Recruiter, Jobs, and Media. The first, Recruiter, is a portal to proactively search for people. The second, Jobs, are job post listings. While the third, Media, are ads companies buy to advertise job openings. At this time all three essentially function separately, which is the very reason it feels so fragmented.

LinkedIn will merge these three into a single area. Additionally, the professional networking site will make them all work in conjunction to better serve its members. 

For instance, when a member posts a job opening, LinkedIn will use that data, including link clicks, pertinent searches, and more to help the company find the right person to fit the position. This is done AI and machine learning. And, the more data it examines, the better it will work.

On the other side, this benefits LinkedIn because it can recommend buying ads for job openings. Such suggestions will lead to more ad buys on the network, enhancing its revenue stream.

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