April 7, 2021
LinkedIn redesign

LinkedIn Revamp includes Changes to its Logo, Colors, Illustrations, Shapes, and Font

A new LinkedIn redesign is now available on the site’s sub-domain, and will make it out to the main interface incrementally…

Professional networking site LinkedIn is undergoing some big changes. It’s remaking its logo, colors, illustrations, shapes, and font. 

LinkedIn Redesign includes Changes to its Logo, Colors, Illustrations, Shapes, and Font

The company explains it’s making the changes to make the space warmer and impart a sense of humanity, along with inclusion:

“Our illustration, typography, and colors convey our brand’s warmth, humanity, and community. We’ve updated our logo. And we’re on a journey to make sure our design is accessible and inclusive to all our members and customers.”

The new branding is already available to view on the site’s sub-domain, www.brand.linkedin.com. (It also shows-up when members sign out of the service on the main site.)

According to Adweek, it took LinkedIn two years to make the changes. The new branding elements will roll out incrementally with no set date at this time.

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