September 21, 2021
LinkedIn salary insights

LinkedIn Now Helps its Members Find Higher Paying Jobs in Their Career Fields

LinkedIn salary insights will reveal where professionals can make more money in the U.S. U.K., and Canada, with a new feature…

Professional networking site LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature which will allow people to find out where they can earn a higher salary.

It’s tucked inside the job listings. But, it won’t get into specifics. Rather, it will notify members of a “pay raise opportunity.”

LinkedIn Salary Insights Information Card Debuts

Additionally, the site has expanded its LinkedIn Salary tool to over ten countries. 

LinkedIn provided the following tips about using the tool:

  • Do Your Research: Being prepared for a conversation about your salary is the most important thing you can do. Before the big day, spend some time researching what professionals in your industry and role are being paid by talking to people in your network and using LinkedIn Salary to compare with others who have similar skills and years of experience.
  • Be Transparent: Go into the conversation with a solid number in your head and don’t be afraid to lay it on the table. Part of being transparent is advocating for your accomplishments and skills as part of the reasoning behind why you’re asking for the salary you want. Use LinkedIn Salary to help you understand how factors like your education and past experience could impact your salary.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Counter: Sticking to what you know you’re worth can feel uncomfortable, but receiving a salary you’re happy with is key to overall job satisfaction. If your employer or potential employer comes back with less than you were asking, work together to find a common ground – and make sure you’re prepared to explain why you deserve it.

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