October 1, 2022

LinkedIn and Samsung Team Up to Push the Bixby AI Assistant

The latest LinkedIn Samsung partnership will place the Bixby AI voice assistant squarely within the user experience center to help people stay organized…

LinkedIn announced today its partnership with Samsung to re-introduce Bixby, the South Korean conglomerate’s AI voice assistant in a blog post. In the announcement, Sofia Andrianakou, part of the Business Development team at LinkedIn, writes Bixby will integrate with the professional network’s content and calendar tools.

LinkedIn and Samsung Partner to Showcase the Bixby AI Assistant

“On the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ in newly announced Bixby, you now have access to LinkedIn’s content and calendar experience. With just a swipe to the right, on Bixby home, you can prep for upcoming meetings and tackle the day ahead, with details such as who you’re meeting with and top news of the day.”

Andrianakou states that the Bixby AI voice assistant will do things like give users information about attendees in upcoming meetings through “My Schedule” notifications. It will also contain links to meeting attendees’ LinkedIn profiles. 

Information about said meeting attendees after wrap-up will still be available thereafter under the LinkedIn People You Met feature.

Credit: LinkedIn

Additionally, the Bixby AI assistant will also display the latest top news through Trending Storylines.

Credit: LinkedIn

Samsung S8 and S8+ users simply must install the latest LinkedIn app on their mobile devices, then login to their LinkedIn accounts. The Bixby Home LinkedIn prompt cards then automatically surface contextually.

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