October 1, 2022
LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms Debut

The new LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms are now live on the platform, crafted to suit mobile devices, removing a big barrier of completing forms…

LinkedIn just released a new feature for Sponsored Content to make developing leads easier. Called Lead Gen Forms, the tool makes filling out forms on a mobile device simple, something that’s typically a hassle on smartphones and tablets.

LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms Now Available

Statistics clearly show conversion rates are far higher on desktop than mobile devices. But, LinkedIn Sponsored Content Lead Gen Forms are an initiative to remove the barriers which go hand-in-hand with completing forms on smartphones. Of all its users, 80 percent engage with Sponsored Content on mobile devices.

The new feature works only with Sponsored Content. Brands can create content, sponsor it and let users who interact with it become leads. Instead of users manually inputting information, the in-app tool automatically populates the user’s name, contact information, company name, seniority, job title, and location.

LinkedIn states the leads coming through Lead Gen Forms are more valuable because the information comes directly from profiles. Unlike desktop forms, where users can include false information.

Advertisers can add a call-to-action. And, “As soon as members submit a lead form, they’ll automatically  see a ‘thank you’ page that connects them to your eBook, website, or another destination of your choice,” the network explains.

The company provides built-in reporting so marketers can easily see measurements and data about their campaigns. LinkedIn recently introduced Trending Storylines to encourage user engagement. The professional networking site also added photo editing tools and filters to its platform.

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