August 9, 2022
LinkedIn Sponsored Updates conversion tracking

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Conversion Tracking Debuts

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates conversion tracking is now available inside Campaign Manager, providing deeper analytics to businesses…

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates conversion tracking is now available to business using the site’s proprietary Campaign Manager marketing analytics tool. Data includes lead, sign-up, download, and purchase measurements related to Sponsored Updates. The world’s biggest professional online social network now provides details about which users are clicking on sponsored content, text ads, and those who are becoming customers.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates Conversion Tracking Debuts

LinkedIn describes the new capabilities as one of the “top requested features” businesses routinely request. The digital network’s marketing solutions serves as the hub for branding on the social site. Companies can now advertise and receive better understanding which user professionals show interest in their products and/or services. This gives businesses the power of more accurate audience targeting to increase their marketing ROI.

The company explains brands advertising on its site will have access to conversion count, conversion rate, cost-per-conversion, as well as other important metrics. The new capabilities will provide details on mobile conversions, desktop conversions, and at what time users click on ads. What’s more, the network will offer suggestions regarding how to improve and optimize marketing performance.

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates conversion tracking is available through Campaign Manager, as well as two of its certified partners, AdStage and 4C. It’s expected more partners will join in the future through their own tools built on the professional network’s API. Although currently limited only to sponsored content and text ads, it’s also expected the same features to work sponsored inMail.

Recently, its alleged proprietary search results gender bias raised controversy. LinkedIn launched in May 2003 and has more than 450 million active users worldwide. The professional networking site is currently in an acquisition deal with software giant Microsoft for $26.2 billion.

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