June 22, 2022
LinkedIn Stories goes Live in the United Kingdom

LinkedIn Stories (Yes, that’s Correct, LinkedIn Stories), goes Live in the UK for its 27 Million Members

LinkedIn has released its Stories feature in the UK, after testing the tool, previously developed by Snapchat and popularized by Instagram…

Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn is ready to get in on the super-popular stories format. After undergoing months of testing, the option is finally making its public debut in the United Kingdom for its 27 million users. The last experiment iteration made it a Discover feed for LinkedIn, with a vertical orientation, and mimics TikTok. (Which should come as no surprise, given its huge user adoption rate.)

LinkedIn Stories goes Live in the United Kingdom

LinkedIn Stories offers a new way for members to interact that is more fun and less heavy. Users can attach multimedia to their profile, with a maximum duration of 20 seconds. The images and video remain visible for a period of 24 hours. Thereafter, the content disappears into the digital void. LinkedIn members can customize their stories with both text and stickers, and can even invite interaction with a “Question of the Day” prompt.

The feature has already rolled out in the US and Canada last month. Now, it’s open to everyone in the UK. A spokesperson for the company explains, “We see Stories as a natural continuation of this more personal connection with colleagues, and we have already seen hundreds of thousands of conversations sparked via Stories.”

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