September 16, 2022
LinkedIn Stories Test Uncovered

LinkedIn is Testing its Own Version of the Stories Format because of its Enormous Popularity

LinkedIn Stories is under trial right now, bringing a familiar format to the professional networking site, but it’s fate isn’t sure…

Microsoft’s professional networking platform LinkedIn is apparently getting in on the super-popular stories format. Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong has yet again uncovered another feature that’s not part of the public interface. Tentatively, it’s a Discover feed for LinkedIn, with a vertical orientation, and mimics TikTok.

LinkedIn Stories Test Uncovered

LinkedIn Stories will offer a new way for members to interact that is more fun and less heavy. Of course, there are a number of questions about LinkedIn Stories. Will they follow the original formula and automatically disappear after 24 hours? Will members be able to save them? Will they only be available to record and view on the mobile app?

LinkedIn might benefit from integrating the format. Or, it could backfire because members don’t adopt it. At the very least, it’s an interesting possibility, though there’s no guarantee it will make its way out to the main platform for all members to use. 

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