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Now, LinkedIn is Gearing Up to Sell Tickets to Work Events

LinkedIn to Sell Work Event Tickets

Credit: Inspiration Feed

LinkedIn, the Microsoft professional networking subsidiary, will soon introduce an option to sell tickets to business events…

LinkedIn appears to be making a deeper push into the event space. Last year, the Microsoft subsidiary, launched its own virtual event platform. Now, it looks as though the company is well into the process of bringing paid events to its platform. This, according to a recent report by TechCrunch that received code from an inside source who wished to remain anonymous.

LinkedIn to Sell Work Event Tickets

After the code was analyzed, the digital news outlet discovered that LinkedIn is working on a feature to sell tickets to work events. It even contains a dashboard to event organizers to monitor sales and help run events. In a statement to TechCrunch, LinkedIn spokesperson Nicole Leverich confirmed that the company is indeed looking to delver further into the events space, saying:

“Amid the changing world of work and transition to a nearly all-remote workforce, LinkedIn Events has seen a surge in growth, with 21 million people attending an Event on LinkedIn in 2020. We continue to learn from member and customer feedback and test new ways to improve the experience. As part of this, we are exploring options for payment in the Events product based on feedback from event organizers.”

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