November 28, 2020
LinkedIn voice messaging

LinkedIn Debuts a Strange New Feature None of Its Users Requested

LinkedIn voice messaging comes to mobile on Android and iOS, touted as an easier way for users to communicate with one another…

Here’s something rather weird. LinkedIn, the professional networking site, just added a new tool to its mobile Android and iOS apps — voice messaging. The company announced today in a blog post, it’s introduced the option for a few reasons.

LinkedIn Voice Messaging Debuts

Though it’s not yet live (it’s rolling out over the next few weeks), it will give users another way to connect. And, it might well work, given its text-heavy environment. The company explains it added the tool for three reasons.

First, LinkedIn states it’s much less arduous than typing out messages. Second, due to the¬†asynchronous nature of the networking platform, it’s also easier for recipients to go through voice messages. Third, it’s a more natural method of communication.

linkedin voice messaging in action
Credit: LinkedIn

What makes it so strange is it’s largely out-of-context. Meaning, LinkedIn is where people go to make professional connections, not personal ones. It’s not exactly the environment for cold-calling or ambushing someone with a barrage of voice mails. Moreover, it’s perfectly normal, as well as acceptable, to reach out via email.

Although, the feature does work simplistically, giving it a modicum of appeal. Just tap and hold the microphone icon to record a message and release it to send. To re-record or cancel, just slide away from the microphone icon and then release.

Microsoft purchased LinkedIn in 2016, which now claims 562 million users.