September 16, 2022
LinkedIn Windows 10 app

LinkedIn Windows 10 App Rolls Out for Desktops

The newly introduced LinkedIn Windows 10 app gives the professional networking site’s members plenty of options to enjoy an improved experience…

Starting today, the LinkedIn Windows 10 app beginning to appear for download in the Windows Store. “With our new desktop application, Windows 10 users can enjoy a richer, more engaging and connected LinkedIn experience,” Hermes Alvarez, Product Manager, explains.

New LinkedIn Windows 10 App Goes Live for Desktop Use

LinkedIn states that millions of members access the site every month on Windows 10, so it’s built a dedicated desktop app to provide better UX or user experience.

The new LinkedIn Windows 10 app can easily be accessed through the Start menu and members can also pin a Live Tile for quick access. Using the Windows 10 Action Center, the desktop app can deliver real-time updates, which include new messages, profile view information, trending news, as well as other important highlights.

Additionally, members have full control over updates, including the ability to select which are most interesting. Members can just go to the Notifications tab to manage which updates appear in the Action Center.

LinkedIn states it’s only starting to roll out the desktop app in the Window Store, so it’s not yet available to everyone. However, all markets should have access by the end of the month.

Last week, the company introduced video support for its mobile app. Back in June, LinkedIn began supporting images in the comments section and launched new photo filters and editing tools in May. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to increase user engagement on the platform. The site hit 500 million members in April of this year.

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