April 10, 2021
LinkedIn Your Commute

LinkedIn Now Shows Candidates how Far Commutes are for New Jobs

LinkedIn ‘Your Commute,’ a new mobile app feature, now tells job candidates how far away potential employers are from their location…

Professional networking site LinkedIn now displays a new distance tool. Currently, it’s available on the mobile app. And, it shows job seekers just how far they would have to travel to new employers. The feature has rolled out globally for all businesses where the social site has location information. It will also arrive on the web for desktop, senior product manager Dan Li tells TechCrunch.

LinkedIn Your Commute Debuts

Li states the tool will surface within job postings on the Microsoft-owned platform and will eventually become a part of how the network recommends employment opportunities in search. Here’s a screenshot of the feature in-action:

LinkedIn Your Commute screenshot
Credit: LinkedIn

Currently, the new LinkedIn Your Location service technology isn’t being used on other sections of the professional networking platform. However, it’s very easy to imagine how it would fit into other tools. For example, two or more contacts arranging an in-person meeting through the site’s messaging app. 

LinkedIn already has its own AI bot which suggests introductions and replies. And, the feature will help Microsoft with its quest to gobble up more traffic and other travel data. It’s also quite beneficial to its users who can now quickly estimate the time it would take to commute to new jobs.

“Our members have indicated that the location of a job — and the commute time associated with it — is a big factor in their decision making process when considering new roles, and we know commute times are getting longer across the board according to recent research from Gallup,” Li explains.

In fact, the company’s own research reveals 85 percent of professionals would actually take a pay cut, in exchange for a shorter commute. “The Your Commute feature is a quick and easy way for members to access insight into their potential commute directly within the job posting on LinkedIn and empower them to make more informed career decisions.”