December 5, 2021
Logitech ending Harmony Express universal remote support on September 30th

Attention Logitech Harmony Express Remote Owners, the End Draws Nigh (Seriously)

Logitech will discontinue its support for the relatively new Harmony Express universal remote, only about a year after releasing the Alex-enabled device…

It’s only been approximately a year since Logitech first introduced its Harmony Express remote. But, that’s apparently enough time to conclude the product is a bust. Effective Wednesday, September 30th, the company will cut off support for the ostensibly sophisticated yet simple, Alexa-enabled alternative.

Logitech Ending Harmony Express Universal Remote Support on September 30th

When the date hits, all those devices will stop working. However, anyone who forked over $250 for the device won’t be left with a very expensive paperweight. Instead, Logitech is offering its Harmony Elite (one of the best universal remotes available) at no charge whatsoever. Or, request a full refund — but that requires proof a purchase.

Even though it’s an expensive amenity, its high price didn’t provide customers with the best of the best in functionality. For instance, it did have some puzzling limitations, like its incompatibility with Apple TV or Roku TV voice commands. Meaning, those proprietary remotes were still necessary. Also, it could only launch apps but could not play a specific movie or television show.

Logitech has not provided much of an explanation as to why it’s discontinuing the device but does state that its “expectations were not met.”

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