November 29, 2020
low-quality web page experience Facebook links

Low-Quality Web Page Experience Facebook Links Reduced in the News Feed

Low-quality web page experience Facebook links will now be identified and reduced in users’ News Feeds, as the social network fights spam and bad content…

Beginning today, Facebook will reduce low-quality web page experience links to spam, misleading content, and sensational content. The social giant states it is continuing to act to improve UX or user experience.

Low-Quality Web Page Experience Facebook Links Reduced in News Feed

The company explains it takes its user community feedback seriously. “We hear from our community that they’re disappointed when they click on a link that leads to a web page containing little substantive content and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads. People expect their experience after clicking on a post to be straightforward,” Jiun-Ren Lin and Shengbo Guo write in the announcement.

Starting today, the social platform is introducing an update to users see fewer posts and ads in the News Feed which link to low-quality web page experiences. Facebook also states by doing this, it reduces financial incentives of these particular sources. 

The company likewise states it does not accept similar ads. “We have had a policy in place since last year to prevent advertisers with low-quality web page experiences from advertising on our platform. Now, we are increasing enforcement on ads and also taking into account organic posts in News Feed.”

Facebook explains it has “reviewed hundreds of thousands of web pages” that link to spammy, misleading, or sensational content. It also used AI or artificial intelligence to determine which links go to low-quality experiences.

For Pages and advertisers, those who provide quality experience might see a small increase in traffic. However, low-quality pages will experience a decline.

Facebook just shut down “tens of thousands” of fake accounts in the UK. The company is also testing a fake news detection system.

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