October 1, 2022
Android apps transfer user data to Facebook

These Major Android Apps Send User Data to Facebook, Even if Those People Don’t have Facebook Accounts

At least six Android apps transfer user data to Facebook, even if users aren’t logged into the social network or don’t have active accounts, new report claims…

A new report from Privacy International, a London-based watchdog and charity, reveals major Android apps potentially sending user data straight to Facebook, immediately upon login. 

Major Android Apps Send User Data Directly to Facebook for Ad Targeting

Privacy International or PI, discovered Yelp, Duolingo, Indeed — a job search app — and two Muslim prayer apps, and a bible app, could all send data to Facebook for ad targeting purposes.

Although it’s not clear exactly what type of data is sent to Facebook, it is suspected custom identifiers are part of the transmission:

“This sounds fairly basic, but it really isn’t. Since the data is sent with a unique identifier, a user’s Google advertising ID, it would be easy to link this data into a profile and paint a fine-grained picture of someone’s interests, identities and daily routines.”

Also, the data is sent over to the social network even if the user isn’t logged into the Facebook app. Or, doesn’t even have an active Facebook account. PI previously shared in a December 2018 report:

“Facebook routinely tracks users, non-users, and logged-out users outside its platform through Facebook Business Tools. App developers share data with Facebook through the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK), a set of software development tools that help developers build apps for a specific operating system.”

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