September 15, 2022
Reddit redesign

Reddit No Longer Looks like It’s Stuck in the 1990s

The first Reddit redesign in a decade is currently making its way out to the web, with just 1 percent seeing the new experience at this time…

The self-billed “Front page of the internet” is changing. The first major Reddit redesign is beginning to come to the internet in ten years. Currently, only one percent of users will see the new interface, with all others being included over the next few months.

Major Reddit Redesign Rolling Out

It’s a more updated experience, with the navigation bar and menu placed in the left corner. Opening the menu reveals links to popular destinations, such as feeds, subreddits, user profiles, and more. Through the improved interface, users can choose one of three themes: “classic view,” “card view,” and “compact view.”

The redesign is a bit more intuitive, making it easier to interact with new users. Now, different fonts help users identify which links take them off the site or point to another on-site post.

The change comes after months of study. In fact, Reddit sent a team out to San Francisco’s Union Square to survey people. Respondents did say they understood the site’s concept. But, a majority could not articulate how it works or what it’s used for. That represented a big problem for the platform. However, with the new look, the site should catch-on with more people.

Additionally, the company’s mascot, Snoo, also got a makeover. Ben Rush, the design lead of the user interface said the team is “making [Reddit] simpler and more efficient, making it more accessible, but not altering the scaffolding.”

And, for those who prefer the old interface, it remains available.