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Mark Zuckerberg Says an Ad-Free Version of Facebook is a Lot More Complex than People Think

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An ad-free Facebook alternative just isn’t that simple to pull off, Mark Zuckerberg explains in a recent interview about offering such a service…

Facebook CEO recently explained why his social network hasn’t yet offered an ad-free version. Basically, it comes down to a fundamental difference. People aren’t as concerned with ads as they are with the site’s personal data collection.

Mark Zuckerberg Explains Ad-Free Facebook Obstacles and Possibilities

Turns out, there’s a lot more to offering an ad-free Facebook. One, it doesn’t address the platform’s problem with fake news. Neither does it deal with the many scandals bringing its personal data collection practices to light:

“I don’t think people are going to be that psyched about not seeing ads, but then not having different controls over how their data is used.”

Zuckerberg went on to explain any paid model would necessary have to include a way for subscribers to opt out of all data collection. Plus, as the service exists, users can already opt out of certain ad types, anyway.

Additionally, Zuckerberg took a moment to talk about “Clear History,” a new tool the site is building to allow users to disassociate their Facebook browsing history from their personal profiles.:

“Clear History is a prerequisite, I think, for being able to do anything like subscriptions. Partially what someone would want to do if they were going to really actually pay for [ad-free Facebook] — you would want to have a control so that Facebook didn’t have access or wasn’t using that data or associating it with your account.”

Furthermore, Zuckerberg stated such wide-spread controls wouldn’t be made available to just subscribers. Free users, would also need the same controls, as well:

“If we’re going to give controls over data use, we’re going to do that for everyone in the community.”

The whole idea of an ad-free Facebook is quite complex, to say the least. Here’s a video of the entire interview:

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