September 20, 2022
Maze Ransomware Uses Sneaky Trick to Hit Victims with Malware

This Ransomware Takes a Cue from Other Cyber-Criminals to Hit Victims with Malware

Ransomware operations are likely borrowing a trick from other cyber-criminals to target victims with harmful malware campaigns…

Hackers are using a somewhat new (perhaps borrowed) trick in ransomware schemes. The tactic helps attacks to remain undetected until it is too late. Maze is very dangerous because it demands six-figures or more sum of bitcoin in exchange for the decryption key. The groups carrying out the scam threaten to publish sensitive stolen internal data, if their extortion demands are not met.

Maze Ransomware Uses Sneaky Trick to Hit Victims with Malware

The group is already extensively experienced with infiltrating enterprise organizations. However, they’ve now adopted a new tactic that makes it much more difficult for target victims to detect outsiders have entered the network through virtual machines that distribute ransomware payloads. A similar strategy was previously used in another ransomware group.

By utilizing virtual machines to unload ransomware, it helps to keep the attack under the radar. That is, until the encryption is triggered and the network is seized for extortion. Peter McKenzie, incident response manager at Sophos told ZDNet:

“Much like many of the other ‘human-led’ ransomware gangs that use a combination of advanced hacking tools and human ‘hands-on’ techniques, they are able to continue trying different techniques until they succeed or the targeted organization identifies the seriousness of the threat and takes action to remediate it.”

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