August 5, 2021
Messenger PayPal invoice option

Messenger’s Chat Extension Now Includes PayPal Invoicing Option

A new Messenger PayPal invoice option now lets sellers directly bill buyers, right from the messaging app, furthering their integration…

Back in October of last year, Facebook announced its¬†PayPal-Messenger integration. About a year later, the integration rolled out to U.S. users. Now, it’s launching a new invoicing option.

New Messenger PayPal Invoice Option Launches Inside Chat Extension

Starting today, the two companies are rolling out a Messenger chat extension which allows sellers to directly invoice buyers. It’s aimed at Facebook Marketplace, as well as the many Buy and Sell groups on the social network.

The new option gives sellers the power to create and send invoices right from the messaging platform without leaving the conversation. To access the invoice option, selles only need to open the extension tray. Sellers then locate and select PayPal and create an invoice. The tool is spartan, but does contain the item name, description, price, and quantity. The invoices support an image attachment, as well.

Once the buyer receives the invoice, he or she simply selects “Pay with PayPal” to complete the transaction. The tool also supports OneTouch, so buyers already signed in do not have to go through the re-authentication process. The transactions are covered by the PayPal Purchase Protection for Buyers.

More offerings are coming but the companies are not making those partnerships public at this time. The roll out comes at a time when 450 million people visited Facebook’s plethora of Buy and Sell groups. And, taps into Messenger’s 1.3 billion monthly users. Facebook recently expanded Marketplace to include cars and housing rentals.