August 4, 2022
Metacritic Delaying User Reviews to Prevent Score-Bombing

Score Bombing has Become Such a Problem that Metacritic is Now Delaying User Reviews

Review bombing undercuts the credibility and popularity of titles and Metacritic is now attempting to limit its damage with a new policy…

Score bombers will no longer be able to manipulate all review sites, thanks to a new rule enacted by Metacritic. The review platform is now requiring people to wait 36 hours after a title’s release before posting their feedback. The intention, of course, is to detour gamers and television and movie viewers, from leaving negative scores without actually playing the games or watching the content.

Metacritic Delaying User Reviews to Prevent Score-Bombing

The new policy began with the release of two games that hit last week: Ghosts of Tsushima and Paper Mario: The Origami King. But, this practice will probably widen because of the adverse affects of score bombing or review bombing, a tactic used by enough nefarious individuals to cause harm or to retaliate against a company or public figure to drive down sales.

Metacritic isn’t alone in taking action against review bombers or score bombers. In 2017, Valve added a bar graph to showcase the positive and negative scores over the lifetime of titles. Then, it investigated Steam games targeted by score bombers and went so far as to hide off-topic reviews.

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