May 22, 2022
Microsoft 365 could Alert Businesses to Misbehaving Employees' Online Activities

Microsoft 365 might Soon Snitch on Bad Employees’ Online Behaviors to their Naive Bosses

New Microsoft 365 features will help network administrators identify potential insider security threats with machine learning technology…

Microsoft, the software giant, is reportedly hard at work developing a few key new tools to its productivity suite that will help businesses keep a closer eye on employees’ web activities. The aim is to identify potential cyber threats early and to assist businesses with preventing malicious attacks, such as data theft, ransomware, and other costly criminal disruptions. Of course, it will have the added benefit of alerting administrators when workers visit unsavory sites, as well.

Microsoft 365 could Alert Businesses to Misbehaving Employees’ Online Activities

A new entry in the company’s product roadmap gives some insight. The Microsoft 365 compliance center (a service for IT administrators) will soon provide “increased visibility of risky activity using browsers and associated insider risk policy templates.” Meanwhile, a second line describes techniques to more accurately detect potential threats and “uncover hidden insider risks.”

What’s most interesting isn’t the language. Rather, it’s the departure from Microsoft’s normal protocol, by marking these roadmap items as “in development”, without providing more specific timelines. But, with increasing virtual threats, it’s entirely understandable as security firm Mandiant recently warned insider threats will account for a third of all incidents this year. Nonetheless, it will also serve as a warning to employees to resist the temptation to visit certain sites.

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